Bing Maps Integration and usage

Aug 8, 2011 at 7:46 AM

Hello All,

                     Good day! On my orchard project, i am trying to integrate the bing maps module. If i am not wrong, all i need to do is install the module on to my orchard project site, enable it and use it in a widget with the latitude and longitude entries and it should be present in the selected widget. But i am not getting anything there.

Please help me with this by telling me how i can go about to get the bing maps working or any discussions or links where in the steps to get the maps up an running is present.

Thank you


Naresh Kumar
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Aug 15, 2011 at 12:38 AM

There should be better ways to integrate a website with Bing or other services. You can see the various available services at Bing Maps APIs. Bing Maps REST Services sounds to me as though it might be closer to what you need. It can geocode addresses entered on a website. I am not an expert in these matters by any means. I am a database developer with a little experience in creating custom SSIS components.

The SSIS Batch Geocoder is, as the name suggests, a batch tool. While it can process large numbers of geocode requests, it is not terribly fast and is not suitable for processing website input in real time. Once it has sent a batch of data to Bing Maps Geocode Flow, it can be a long time before the job is processed and returned. The above-mentioned REST Services API is, I believe, designed to be used in real time.