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Project Description
SSIS Batch Geocoder is a SQL Server 2008 R2 Integration Services (SSIS) data flow transformation that geocodes addresses in the pipeline using the Bing Maps Geocode Dataflow.

The component can now be downloaded as a binary setup package. It is no longer necessary to compile it from source code. The geocoder is running in production but should be considered to be beta until it has received further testing in a variety of environments. The setup package has received only limited testing. Please provide feedback on any issues you encounter. Better testing facilities are planned for a later date.

The documentation is preliminary and is still being edited and improved.

Limitations and ToDo
  • There is no automatic retry feature. HTTP failures result in component failure.
  • The "stubbing" feature from the MapPoint geocoder is not yet available
  • No geocoding services other than Bing Maps are supported
  • No custom configuration dialogs are available. All configuration is accomplished using the Advanced Editor.
  • Backward compatibility with SQL Server 2008 (original 10.0) has not been tested
  • The component does not always clean up properly when input columns are removed

SSIS Batch Geocoder is derived from the source code of the previously-published MapPoint Batch Geocoder. The earlier component was based upon the MapPoint Customer Data Services web service which is/was scheduled for End of Life in November, 2011. The present component is both a conversion of and a major rewrite of the earlier one. It incorporates a number of ease-of-use features, and it corrects significant issues that existed previously with the design-time metadata validation and refresh logic. In particular, it no longer deletes and re-creates all of the output columns during refresh.

The SSIS Batch Geocoder was developed by Megan Brooks for California Primary Care Association, drawing heavily upon source code from Microsoft's MapPoint Batch Geocoder and from the Bing Maps Geocode Dataflow API sample code.

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